Cantors and Songleaders at Gesu

Cantors and Songleaders lead the music prayer at all Saturday and Sunday liturgies, as well as Holy Days and other liturgical celebrations.

For more information, contact

    Dean Rosko, Director of Music and Organist
  • email Dean
  • 414-288-5289

Cantors intone the Gloria, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, and any other musical parts designated for a cantor. The Cantor is usually located in the choir loft. Prospective Cantors should be able to sing and read music and be able to prepare music independently. Cantors join this ministry by audition, and experienced cantors are welcome.

Songleaders invite and encourage the assembly's participation in the sung prayer of the Mass through their example and gestures. The Songleader is located in the sanctuary. Although the Songleader does not intone music alone like the Cantor does, prospective Songleaders need to have a good sense of pitch and rhythm, as well as an inviting demeanor. Songleaders also audition for this ministry; experienced songleaders are welcome.