Lent: A Time of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving

Lent is over. We have been intentionally fasting, praying, denying ourselves, living simply, and sharing our resources with others in order to deepen our relationship to God and our commitment to humankind.

Gesu has designated two opportunities for sacrificial giving. Please take home an alms envelope which can be found at the back of church. On the envelope, please indicate where you feel called to share your alms--Alms for Haiti or Alms for All Saints Catholic Church in Milwaukee, OR BOTH. At the end of Lent, return your envelope (if using a check please make it payable to Gesu Parish) and drop the envelope in the collection basket or mail it. You can also give alms via Electronic Funds Transfer--select Alms for All Saints Catholic Parish or Alms for Haiti. Please turn in your alms by April 8. (If a designation is not selected on your almsgiving envelope, your donation will be shared equally between Alms for All Saints Catholic Church and Alms for Haiti.)

Alms for Haiti

Since 2002, Gesu Parish has had a special twinning relationship with Sts. Simon and Jude in Mon Opital, Haiti. Your alms will help our brothers and sisters at our twin parish with food for the older adults, food for school lunches, water in the dry season, medical care at the clinic, and other projects. The school has grown and there is always a need for additional funds for the school lunch program. On behalf of Fr. Roosevelt Leriche, Pastor, and the parishioners of Sts. Simon and Jude--thank you!

Alms for All Saints Catholic Parish

Located at 25th Street and Capitol Drive, All Saints was established in 1995 with the archdiocesan merger of central city parishes. All Saints ministries offer a Catholic presence in Milwaukee's northwest neighborhoods and bring the person and the mission of Jesus Christ to parishioners and the community. All Saints is a multicultural place of worship and service, known for its diverse African-American and African membership. In collaboration with many entities, All Saints serves 31,000 clients and guests annually from the poorest areas of the city.

For more information, contact

    Peg Flahive, Director of Human Concerns
  • email Peg
  • 414-288-7387